Monday, July 11, 2005

Rio Goes Home

I know I said I was done posting here on Raven's blog but.. I felt that I needed to put one last update now that Rio has gone to her new home.

Brett and Anna (and Casper!) drove all the way from Des Moines, Iowa to pick Rio up last Friday. And YES her forever name is going to be Rio!

It look slike love at frist sight!

Rio gets to know her new big brother Casper.

Casper and Rio on the trip home.

Rio and Casper play with Casper's tug toy.....

... and Rio's pink bone.

Giving Rio up was really hard. I should know better than to keep a puppy this long unless I plan to keep it FOREVER. But Anna, Brett and Casper are going to be a wonderful family for Rio, knowing that that makes it easier.

And now, I gotta go play with Max!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


WhiteStar's Beyond Thunderdome aka Max, the puppy formerly known as Green Boy.

He's staying.

What about the girl....?

For now we are calling her Rio. If she statys for good she'll be called WhiteStar's Brazilian Carnival.

She is sweet and adorable (and too smart for her own good) and we love her but.... she may still end up going to a nice companion home sometime in the next month or so.

What have they been up to?

Raven's been teaching them what it's like to be Grown Up Puppies...

Looks to me like they have made themselves at home.

It's a Wrap

This is the last regular posting for That's So Raven. Raven thanks you for visiting and making this time so much more enjoyable for us, we love sharing our puppies with everyone!

Updates on what's happening with Rio and Max, as well as Babe and the rest of the WhiteStar gang can be found over at Babe's Blog. In fact, there are a bunch of new puppy pictures out there now! Go visit!

Winston and Blue

Do you think Blue likes her big brother Winston?

Looks like he kinda likes her too :)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Missing in Action

Sorry for the lack of new content lately. Once the puppies leave it all feels so anti-climatic to keep posting.

I did turn off the Raven-Cam earlier this week. I took down the ex-pen and put up two kennels for the two remaining puppies. They are only in the kennels at night and mealtimes and occasionaly for a nap during the day. Very unexciting to watch on camera :)

They spend the rest of their time either in an ex-pen on the deck or hanging with the big dogs. Yes, they are free to roam the yard now! I don't let them out in the yard when Kelly is out, she's afraid of them, can you beleive that?? And I have to watch them closely when Kira is out as well. Kira LOVES the puppies. She ADORES them and thinks they are the greatest thing EVER. But she is also a little rough and after about 5 minutes of playing with "big sister" Kira it's time for them to be separated.

I will make one final update here, with pictures, tomorrow... after that check Babe's Blog for continued updates on all five puppies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Green or Yellow or Green or Yellow or....

No I have NOT decided yet.


For the next few weeks both are staying. Both have several of the qualities I did the breeding for. I ALWAYS keep a girl... and Yellow is DARLING.... but Green is pretty cute too...

I have homes interested in both puppies, I just need to decide if they will be shown or not. And which one I am going to keep.

For now, Rio (aka Yellow Girl) and Max (aka Green Boy) are just hanging out...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Black Is Blue!

Just after noon today Black Girl's new family arrived after a long drive from Chicago. Black, or as she is to be known from now on, Blue, is going to have a really great time in her new home, she has two "big sisters" of the two footed variety and 2 big brothers of the four footed furry type.

Blue poses with Ali

Blue and Hannah

Heather, Gene and Blue

Blue, Winston and Casey get ready to hit the road back to Chicago

Rocco Settle In

Rocco looks like he's settling into his new home very well. I'm told he loves having Real Grass (instead of Buffalo Grass, weeds and dirt) to play in.

Jim, Rocco, Ryan and Dylan

Laura, Ryan and Rocco

Dylan takes Rocco for a walk

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Enchanted Puppy

Red Boy headed off to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, with his new mom Cynthia early Sunday evening.

Cynthia is still trying to figure out the perfect name for Red Boy, it will probably be a really cool name of Eskimo origin.

Red Boy and Cynthia prepare for the drive back to Albuquerque

I think he likes his new mom, and she seems to be pretty happy with him!

Did I mention he has Siberian Husky siblings now? Here he is with big sister Tika!

Cynthia shows Tika and when Red Boy is old enough he'll be going to shows too, that means I'll get to see him pretty regularly! Yippee!!!! Cynthia also hopes to do obedience and agilty with him and maybe even some harness work. He's going to be a busy puppy!

Rocco Goes Home!

Purple Boy headed home Saturday afternoon. We don't know yet what his registered name will be, but his call name is Rocco. (Or is it Rocko?? - I didn't think to ask!)

With two kids of his own to play with, Rocco should be a very happy puppy for years to come.

Rocco with his new "big brother" Dylan

Rocco and new dad Jim

Rocco's new family plans to take him to puppy class, and later when he's older he'll join them on family hikes. Maybe we'll get to see pictures?!!???

Friday, June 10, 2005

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words....

All pictures in this entry copyright Scott Vail.

Red Boy, Yellow Girl, Green Boy

All pictures in this entry copyright Scott Vail.


What do the puppies and the rock group KISS have in common?

"I want to rock and roll all nite... and party every day......"